Yeah. Makes sense right?
Oslo Fashion Week is on, but I had to take a break to get ready for four shoots next week. I’m doing a L’oréal competition shoot for Nina @ Adam & Eva, a pop musician shoot, a new Follestad shoot as well as I’m gonna do a portrait shoot of the owner of Ski Storsenter (shopping mall), so there’s a lot of things that has to be in order.

Anyway, didn’t really wanna talk about that right now, I wanted to talk about something else.

Elvira Nikolaisen, the worlds best pop artist, just released a new album Lighthouse that you have to buy! iTunes link here
Elvira means the world to me. She was the lead singer in my all time favorite band, Royal. I got this album in 1998 when it was released. My older brother bought it to me when I was twelve. Crazy, but after that it’s been my favorite band (next to MxPx).

For some stupid reason it’s not on iTunes, so I thought I’d add one of the songs here. If you google Royal (My Dear, that the album is called) you’ll always find the Haze song or Lazy/tired, so I thought I’d share another one.
Enjoy this fantastic song: Please

Royal – Please