I dunno… Watch a movie?

I’ve been sick all week and I really really hate being sick. It means I can’t work and I can’t have any fun. Well, I’ve been working a little bit and I’ve had a little fun. You see, I’ve been planning a few uf my upcoming shoots and I’ve been making a lot of music.

Follestad just contacted me wanting more pictures and these ones are supposed to be in boards again as well as on TV! Kinda cool… You’ll see in a couple of months, I guess.

Yeah, I’ve been making music agains for the first time in a long time. I’m not sure when and if I’m gonna share it, but if you like mystical electronic psychedelic music, I think you might like it!

I haven’t taken a lot of photos this week, ‘cos me being sick isn’t that sexy, but I really wanna keep this as a photo blog, so here’s a picture from last weeks show in Stavanger with Jesus<3Electro! There will be another blogpost all about that show, probably tomorrow! I have a lot of sweet photos from that show where 3.000 kids went mad!

Oh, shit I almost forgot. A friend of mine, Thomas Holm was on The Voice Norway last night! Man, that guy blows me away! Check this; Thomas is doing a beautiful version of Frank Sinatra’s Somewhere Over the Rainbow! Of course, Sondre Lerche, the only singer/songwriter from Norway that actually dares to embrace the world (yeah, that’s right, you’re a pussy Thomas Dybdahl) naturally wanted to be Thomas’ mentor and Thomas really wanted him, so I guess love is in the air…
Hit it Thomas!