Happy Newyears everybody!! I’ve had a great year, working with awesome people! I really look forward to 2012! I have a lot of new plans, clients and projects that will go through within this year, so keep subscribing to my blog and check out my website @ www.ksfoto.net ! And don’t forget to Like me on Facebook, as this is the quickest way to see my updates!

At the moment I’m in Paris for vacation and I’m loving it! Everytime I’m here I miss living here, but I still look forward to going back to Oslo tomorrow after two weeks of chilling out and doing more or less nothing…

Again, 2011 has been a great year and here’s a few of my favorite pictures that I’ve made throughout 2011!

Clients: Sandra Nirbrant @ Adam & Eva, TEAM Models, Follestad, Nikola Grozdic @ INCH, Tiril M. Jacobsen @ ESMOD Oslo, SØLV Design with Sabine Wine