The brand new Norwegian fashion line, Black Rat launched in December 2012, and has already become Newcomer of the Season during Oslo Fashion Week!

ESMOD graduate Siri Sveen Haaland creates timeless design inspired by music and especially the Norwegian underground scene.
If you’re like me, who mostly wear black tight “punkrocky” clothes, this is your new favorite label!
Why? Because everything is BLACK!!!

Last week, I got this snood and beanie and it’s already on my wear every day list and I’ve already done a test shoot with the snood in the studio!
Sometimes you just have to love Norwegian wintertime…


I’m really excited about this brand and I can’t wait to see what Siri can produce in the future. I’ve been into her design for a couple of years now and I’m happy to see what’s already come out, just a few weeks after the official launch!

Check out some photos from Oslo Fashion Week and of course, visit their Facebook Page and!
All photos © Black Rat/Magne Risnes