The past year I’ve been kinda obsessed with the 90s! Remember the 90s? When everybody wore multi colored outfits and when it was OK to say “duuh”, because Michelle in Full House always said it?

Yeah, the 90s! As a brat born in the 80s, the 90s defined me as a person but I’ve always had an ambivalent relationship with this decade. Obvoulsy the Lillehammer Olympics in 94 was a disgrace in fashion, but it’s also the Olympics I remember the most, even though I was only 8 years old!

A little sidenote:
Did you know that the city of Portland’s still in the 90s? You’ve gotta start watching this fantastic comedy show!


Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved the good ol’ 90s skatepunk. You remember Green Day (the good Green Day, as in the Dookie album), The Offspring, MxPx and Pennywise, right? Well, I still listen to them every day!
But the past year I’ve fell in love with the 90s fashion! Last summer, I picked up an old Royal Trux cassette and after falling in love with one of my old favorite bands all over again, I started google image’ing Jennifer Herrema, the lead singer, for all she’s worth! I love the way she looks, acts and yeah, looks!
She even designed for Calvin Klein in the late 90s and she’s designed jeans for Volcom a few times as well. Last time, actually this season!

So, how can you not love the 90s fashion?
Take a look at these photos and fall in love with the decade you once hated to death!

Sports Illustrated editorial

 90s fashion in Vogue

Claudia Schiffer // Vogue Paris

 Jennifer Herrema // Royal Trux

 Green Day // When I Come Around

Royal Trux