Whoa, is it Halloween already?
Well, soon anyway…

October has been crazy!
There is a lot to tell if you wanna listen…

After spending most of September in London and Copenhagen, it felt good to start a month where I already had a lot of shoots booked. Almost all of the shoots were booked for the same week though, so I knew this was going to be a really exhausting yet exciting week!

So, October is beauty/hair photography season, because there are a few competitions for hair stylists in Norway that is due by November. The first shoot I had was for the eminent Eirik Thorsen, a hair stylist I’ve wanted to work with for a couple of years now…
He had this crazy photo idea that made me really excited, yet a bit nervous.
The team working on this shoot was really Ah-MAH-zing (yeah, Happy Endings referance) so the photos turned out great.
Well, the photos are currently getting retouched in Copenhagen, so there is still some excitement left on how they’re gonna turn out.

The morning after, I was supposed to move into a new huge studio. Unfortunately this is delayed, so I’m still in Gamlebyen/downtown Oslo…

A couple of days later, I woke up, sick as a dog. This is really bad timing, as I had five massive shoots in six days coming up!
With a lot of help by people on Instagram (yeah), I managed to cook up a “get well in seconds” recipe that worked out pretty well.

So on the sunniest Saturday in months, with a bad fever and a throat that kills unicorns for a living, I roll out of bed and into my car to get down to the studio to do a shoot with Celine Berge, whom I’ve never worked with before. I felt slightly worried, ‘cos I didn’t feel like I had any idea about how the photos were supposed to look, but I jumped into it…And let me tell you, we did a fantastic shoot! I’m really excited about this series as well..

Snapshot from the shoot

With the fever in check and a new Nespresso machine in the studio I wanted to work late doing basic retouch so I could wake up the next day only focusing on Sunday’s shoot with Nina Wølner, a hair stylist I’ve worked with a couple of times before. She is full of crazed out ideas and this shoot was no different, trust me…
Obviously, the photos can’t be published yet, as the competition is ongoing, but you’ll see them when it’s all over! I think either in November or February… It depends is we win or not ;-)

Camilla, Nina and Marte is working on Lise and Oda’s hair and makeup.

It’s Monday and only a few days ahead I received a phone call from Aron from Follestad that needed new photos. This time it was in some kind of collaboration with Canada Goose…
So we met up at the curling range on Snarøya! Yeah, the curling range! I had NO intentions of leaving without playing a set for the first time ever, so immediately after the shoot, the Norwegian olympic team’s captain (and our model) Thomas, thought me a few tricks! And guess what! I’m GREAT at curling! I can really rock that rock!!
So if you wanna join my team, send me an e-mail, ‘cos I’m definitely starting one! Ha!

I’m playing curling, dude!!

Tuesday was resting day, so I chilled out on the couch for like five minutes before I got bored and went down to the studio to work on Nina’s photos. Don’t you love having a job where you don’t wanna leave the office?
Of course I brought Puma and she was stoked about hanging around in a different environment, even though most of the time she was sitting on my lap, making it hard for me to focus on work…

Puma watching the traffic.

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to shoot a series of photos for Marte Beate Gresberg Sveen. She works at the Adam & Eva Sjølyst salon so I know her well and this is maybe the shoot this month that I was most excited about ‘cos we were gonna do an idea I’ve had for almost a year! And can you believe it, this shoot turned out great too! I was on such a roll after so many cool shoots lately that everything just worked perfectly from the beginning.
I’m sorry to say I can’t release any of these photos yet either, but it’s all out there in a month or two…

From Marte’s shoot.

It’s Thursday and I stay in bed late. So late that I almost showed up late at Birgitte Karlsen’s house, where we were gonna shoot her new promo photos at 3PM (!!!)
We’re good friends, so we were having lunch together and chilled out a bit before we started shooting.
You can see the turnout below.
If you’re in Oslo, come to the release concert for her new record, on November 1st. Check out the Facebook event!




So… It’s Friday and my shoots for this month are done. The money’s been made, the photos are in progress. All what is left is hours and hours in front of the computer, retouching. In addition to a million meetings, as always.

We need prints for the photos for the competitions and I always do those myself. This is to ensure about the quality on the paper, ink and the outcome in general…
So as of right now, most of the photos are done and I’m currently doing a lot of testprints as well as some for my own apartment…
I do this at my father’s studio. He’s a portrait/wedding photographer in case you didn’t know. Check out www.arilfoto.net to see his website!

Ok, word count is 917, so I guess it’s time to stop writing and do some more printing!
Thanks for reading!

Here’s the song of the month!