Yoyoyooo!!! After a very laid-back Christmas at my parent’s house, I took a trip with my friend Peter to Paris where I currently am! We’re Chilling out Valeria’s crib at Gambetta, having cocktails before we’re going out to UFO and the Social Club! Mad excited!! We went to Le Marais today to buy some stuff included a lot of fashion and beauty mags at my favorite magazine store! Beauty comes

Sandra Nirbrant @ Adam & Eva

Hairstylist: Sandra Nirbrant Makeup: Sonja Christin Pedersen & Moa Engström Model: Valerie @ Team Models Assistant: Ole Utne

Screen Shot 2011-10-14 at 3.14.57 PM
New shoot for Adam & Eva

Next week we’re getting back together! Another shoot coming up for my favorite hair-stylist, Sandra Nirbrant :) Not too much I can tell, but it will be innovative and maybe a bit disturbing and radical… Meanwhile we wait, lay your eyes on these photos, as they currently are a big inspiration source for me :) Of course they’re shot by my current fav photographer Michael David Adams!

Reminisce while looking forward

Lately I’ve been thinking back towards the good times I had in Paris and I miss it a lot. Even though I am happy in Oslo, I really miss living in a bigger city. Of course, most of the stuff I miss form Paris is hanging out with my friends from school, and there are not that many of them left in Paris, so I guess to be satisfied I’ve

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