Follestad just got feminine!

Follestad, the Norwegian fashion retailer, is opening girls fashion stores this fall! For this occasion, we naturally have to create new photos that you’ll see all over Oslo once again! We also shot photos of the brand new menswear Follestad are going to push out this winter! We did this shoot yesterday, so the photos are not done yet, but here’s some photos from the shoot! Thanks to Moa Engström for

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Featured on the Hasselblad Bulletin!

Ever since I first picked up my first camera, a Canon EOS 20D (for those who cares), I’ve always wanted a Hasselblad. Hasselblad produces the, without a doubt, best cameras for professional photographers. After a few years, I saved up a LOT of cash to get my hands on my very own Hasselblad, and in 2008 I took the big step! So I was extremely proud that Hasselblad features one

Wiksen Editorial SS2013

So, you’ve hopefully already read my previous blogposts about the Wiksén lookbook and behind the scenes video! Finally, I’m gonna share the editorial with you guys! It’s been available on my website for quite some time, but as I told you a couple of posts back, I just haven’t been giving this blog enough attention lately, so I’m gonna share it with you guys here as well! Model: Erica Damasceno

Wiksen Lookbook SS2013 @ Stratos

If you read my previous blogpost about the Wiksén shoot we did at Stratos, you already know that we did a SS2013 magazine for their line. In this magazine you can find an editorial and their complete lookbook! Here we go with the lookbook. Model: (The one and only) Ada Kristine @ Heartbreak Models Pssst… Check out her blog! It’s really really good! ahintofpeppermint.com

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Wiksen Behind the Scenes

Somewhere online I read that bloggers should blog often… I guess somewhere down the line I forgot about that, but I’m not gonna apologize like everybody else, pretending that I’ve been “toooo busy”. I just don’t care sometimes. Anyway, if you don’t already know, you can see most of my images on www.ksfoto.net and I normally just use this blog for behind the scenes stuff and other information about my

Jesus <3 Electro Summer Tour 2012 pt.1 – Skjærgårds Festival

Like last year, Jesus <3 Electro hired me to be their photographer/roadie for their summer tour. We started out at Norways biggest christian youth festival where we did two shows, one at 10AM on a floating raft and one at 9PM in their biggest indoor stage, where around 1.500 kids showed up and danced the night away! Here are some photos from Skjærgårds!


Last night I went to my favorite Norwegian fashion designer, Kjersti VATLE’s show at Tilt Bar. I love Kjersti’s stuff ‘cos it’s always something crazed out of this world and last night’s show was no different! Instead of regular models, there were professional dancers dancing down the catwalk! This collection is to me all about gangsta, hip hop and dance and everyone I talked to was amazed about how the


I just found this on my friend Moa Engström’s blog, and I had to reblog it :-) The Joker’s Wild Vogue UK, April 2012 Source: eyeshadowlipstick.com


Behind the scenes shots from the latest Follestad shoot @ Ekeberg Restauranten Photos will be published in a few weeks


I dunno… Watch a movie? I’ve been sick all week and I really really hate being sick. It means I can’t work and I can’t have any fun. Well, I’ve been working a little bit and I’ve had a little fun. You see, I’ve been planning a few uf my upcoming shoots and I’ve been making a lot of music. Follestad just contacted me wanting more pictures and these ones

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