Box fresh tune from Loke! Check it out! Loke – Pletura (Orginal mix) -Demo version by Loke- Official Loke is a part of the Jesus <3 Electro crew and I did this photo him a year ago!


My old band, Kalashnikov, played a hell of a show this Thursday @ JohnDee! This was the coolest Kalashnikov gig I’ve ever been to! Check them out on Facebook and make sure you check out their new single, Come On, on Spotify or iTunes!

Hello Kristiansand!!

Yo! I just got to Kristiansand with J<3E ! Gonna do a show tonight and it’s gonna be fun! Just checked in at a madly crappy hotel, and we are soon off to do a soundcheck! Hey, check out the radio interview a couple of the guys in the crew did for Hallo P3 this week (in Norwegian) Oh, and check out this song! Playing it tonight and the crowd

Why did God only invent 24 hours pr day?

For the past two weeks, I haven’t really seen my apartment, friends, Puma or daylight! I’ve been shooting a project for an art director student at Westerdahls and it’s a huge project that took way more time than I expected, but I am finally seeing the light in the end of the tunnel. I expect it to be wrapped up tomorrow. Well, it has to be ‘cos that’s my deadline… I

Mixing with Kevin and Kjetil

Currently tapping the keys @ Kjetil’s! Song coming out soon! Maybe…   &nbsp

Arnfinn’s brand new track!

Some of you might know Arnfinn Baar as the best electric boogie dancer’s you’ve ever seen! He made it to the finals of Norway’s Got Talent a couple of years ago, and now he’s back producing this killer tune! The song is made for a russecrew but I really don’t wanna go into what that’s all about. Just google Russ+may 17th+norway and weap! Whatever, here we go! If you don’t

Some on the road stuff from the Lyngdal gig

Kjetil is preparing for tonight’s show! Pippi Longstockings forgot her hair bands&#

Shit! It’s Wednesday! Time to set plans for the weekend!

Yet again, I’m going on the road with the guys from J<3E and I am really excited! This Friday we’re playing in Lyngdal on the beautiful west coast of Norway! It’s gonna be a lot of fun… If you didn’t know, I am J<3E’s photographer and you can see some of my photos from the summer tour on this previous blog post! All photos © Kristoffer Skjæringrud Photography We’re back

The Velvet Underground // Andy Warhol // Fashion // Music // Art

The Velvet Underground has been one of my favorite bands ever since the first time I heard them. What I love about The Velvet Underground is that they’re so much more than music… They were the elite in street-style fashion as well as Andy Warhol did their art and management back in the 60′s and 70′s… If you do know The Velvet Underground, you know that Lou Reed was the

Skrillex live at Oslo Spektrum w/Flux Pavilion

Finally!!! Skrillex does a open live show in Oslo! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now, and guess what; I’ve got VIP tickets!! If you’ve got tickets, let me know and we’ll dance our asses off! If you don’t know Skrillex, he’s a dub step dj/producer from L.A. He’s also known as Sonny, the lead singer from From First To Last. Check him out on Spotify ! This

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